Is Your Cleanroom Scheduled for Maintenance?

Is your cleanroom down for routine maintenance and decontamination? Contamination control is vital for maintaining cleanroom environments. Pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies require especially stringent maintenance and sanitation programs to meet demanding standards for air quality, room design, and operation, such as those set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 14644-1, which defines guidelines for the classification of air cleanliness determined by the permissible particle size and levels of concentration, forces manufacturing facilities to maintain high standards for a contaminant-free facility to protect their equipment, products, and employees. Operational costs, long-standing cleaning procedures, and lack of proper equipment can stymie a company’s efforts to build a comprehensive maintenance program.

If your company schedules regular downtime for cleanrooms, keep in mind that it is the perfect time to have equipment calibrated. Call HDCL today to schedule the onsite calibration of equipment located in your cleanrooms!

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Off Zero?

Have you received a liquid filled pressure gauge that reads off zero with no pressure applied? Don't worry. There is an easy way to fix this problem.

Liquid filled gauges are tested for accuracy at our laboratory. However, during transport, changes in temperature and altitude may cause a shift in the gauge's internal pressure. That, in turn, causes the gauge's resting point to change.

On top of the gauge there is a rubber stopper which secures the liquid filling. Just lift on edge of the stopper to equalize the pressure inside the gauge to atmosphere. Try to position the gauge so that the air bubble inside the gauge is at the opening.

If this simple fix does not return your gauge to a zero reading with no pressure applied, of course you can ship or deliver it to Huston-DePue Calibration Laboratories for further evaluation and calibration.



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